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Why Velocity?

The team of seasoned entrepreneurs at The Velocity Center can answer your most challenging questions and connect you with the right people and resources to accelerate your business.

Serving as the community’s resource for engaging dialogue, unique training, and educational opportunities, this entrepreneurial incubator provides the support, business resources, and connections needed to help scale an innovative idea into a marketable one.

Entrepreneurial Support 

Whether your idea is brand new or you’ve been in business for years, you need support to overcome the challenges that are holding you back from fulfilling your true potential. The Velocity Center is the hub for entrepreneurs that are developing new technology in Macomb County.  

Business Resources

Establish and grow your business with affordable coworking space, offices, conference rooms, and a podcasting studio. Expand your knowledge of technology, business development, and manufacturing with special events, training, and workshops.


Entrepreneurs and innovators cannot do it alone. You need a great team and trusted advisors to help you connect with new ideas, the right people, and the resources available to help you in your pursuit of growing a business.

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